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The top 5 Antivirus Software Programs for Your Business in 2016

You never know when catastrophe is going to strike, and when it does your entire system could be crashed, affecting critical aspects of your system- deleting invaluable information that’s essential to your business. You need to back up your information, be aware of the potential security risks that your computer has, and how to avoid infection. However, this approach isn’t always going to solve your problems.


Eventually, you’re going to have to download something, open up emails, or put a USB drive in your computer. You need protection for the entire time your computer is running. You need protection to keep track of incoming cookies, URLs, trackers, and other files that can get your passwords stolen, leak access to your bank accounts, and even hack your social media accounts.


There are a ton of antivirus software options out there to use, but they don’t always provide the security you need to keep your computer safe when you’re looking to avoid all of the creepy crawlers on the web (in no particular order):


5. Bull-Guard Antivirus


Bullguard is over 14 years old, developed by a Danish company that ran into PR problems several years back, but is back as a decently affordable premium anti-virus software that offers a 60 day trial and only costs $65 for three computers.


4. Panda Antivirus Pro 2015



Panda was created in Spain, and it’s been around since the 90s. The original software is called “TruPrevent” and it uses collective intelligence to scan everything in the cloud which means clients do not need to install the software if they don’t want to. Cloud protection allows you to complete applications on the company’s site. Cloud Protection gives you quotes based on prices and your business’s needs.


3. Trend Mircro Antivirus+ 2015



Trend Micro is a good option for small to medium sized businesses. They offer three levels of security and each option is specialized for businesses. It starts at less than $80 per subscription, or $75.50 for the standard options for two people.


2. Virus Total



If you’re looking for freebased software, Virus Total is one of the best options out there. It scans potentially dangerous files and reports back to you what it finds. It uses over 50 different virus checkers, examining and double-checking file sources.


1. VoodooSoft Voodoo Shield 2.0



This antivirus software is great because it hunts malware down and quarantines it. That’s pretty much all it does, chopping down anti-exe apps that lock up your computer. Exe files are “executable” and they come up when your computer recognizes downloads. Most aren’t dangerous, but when they are they go past your computer’s firewall, harming your computer, but not with VoodooSoft. Plus, it’s incredibly affordable (at $20.00 per computer), and you can get discounts when you get longer licenses.

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