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Damaged Video Graphics GPU Dell, IBM, Sony, Toshiba, HP, Acer, Asus

Modern operating systems demand high performance graphics from super slim & light weight laptops and notebooks. Unfortunately, these systems can overheat and damage the soldering under the video chip. Symptoms may include: corrupted screen image, blurry image, horizontal lines on the screen, powers up but screen remains blank, one long and two short beeps when switched on, Windows system boots to safe mode only, Windows crashes in high resolution mode, high resolution modes disabled, computer switches off after starting, no image on screen, some laptops don’t even switch on. Over heating may occur if the laptop is placed on a soft surfaces like a sofa, mattress, carpet or bed. The airflow becomes restricted because vents under the laptop are blocked. Another common cause is placing  the laptop in a carry case without switching off first. A faulty fan can also kill the motherboard. Our engineers can repair this issue in most cases. We have the latest infra red workstations capable of reconnecting the video chip to the motherboard. The process is complex and requires thorough testing.

System board Memory Slots problems

This issue normally occurs when the contacts between the memory slot and the motherboard degrade to a point where the memory controller cannot reliably read from or write to memory. Some laptops report that the amount of memory in the system has changed. Our engineers can easily re-solder the connectors so that your laptop will work reliably and use all the memory in the system.

USB, Networking & HDMI ports

These faults usually require a replacement of the connector. Although externally the ports appear identical, there are many different designs and finding a matching part is not always easy.

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