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Laptop Repair and Service

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Laptop Repair and Service

Boca PC Repair’s only goal is to get your laptop back to working for you – and at the lowest price. Customers trust us because our staff is well educated professionals in the electronics and computing field. They all have over 10 years of experience in computer repair, service and maintenance. There are many issues which can stop a laptop working. One of the more serious problems is a faulty motherboard. 90% of the logic is located on the motherboard. Most motherboard power problems can be reliably resolved. Our skilled technicians can repair these faults efficiently in no time. Call: 561-235-2394 to get the best laptop service in Palm Beach area, including Coral Springs, Weston, Fl , Pompano Beach, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach

Broken DC Power Pin Lake Coral Springs, Weston, Boca  Raton, Delray Beach

The laptop fails to charge the battery or keeps switching between battery and mains power – sometimes indicated by the LCD brightness changing.  You may also find that the adapter plug gets very hot.  A lot of users usually go out and waste money on a new  adapter – Stop! – get your laptop/adapter checked at our repair centre for free. We stock adapters that are designed to work with your laptop. If your laptop works with our adapter then you can purchase it for $29 – far cheaper and more reliable than the ‘Universal’ adapters sold by most retailers.

System board Short in Boca Raton area.

This problem can be caused by burnt out diodes on the motherboard. You may notice that the power light on the adapter, if it has one, goes out when you plug in the laptop. Our engineers can easily locate the short circuit and repair it. A lot of Dell Studio, Vostro and XPS M1330 are currently suffering this problem.