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How to Remove Spyware & Malware

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This article is meant to help you remove spyware, adware and other malicious software from your computer. We are proud to present decent information on the latest security threats and cyber safety related issues. Spyware is a type of software that is used, quite literally, to spy on and record your actions on a local computer, spy on your internet habits, or steal personal or sensitive information from your computer hard drive. In most cases, spyware programs are quite harmless. Advertisers use harmless spyware called cookies to record your internet viewing habits to provide better targeted ads on those websites.

The more destructive spyware often refer to as malware, are malicious programs that secretly download themselves to your PC. They destroy or disable critical functions of your hard drive and operating system. The rogues who create spyware make removing their malicious programs as difficult as they can. In addition, some types of spyware download and install additional components, often hiding pieces of code from Windows to make removal even harder. The creators of the malware often include a feature to collect private and sensitive data then forward it back to them if you have an active internet connection. The more sophisticated malwares of viruses and trojans first try to find and disable any weak anti-virus programs you have installed. When that happens, your PC is wide open for any cyber attack. Sometimes you may know that a certain program is virus, malware or spyware. This is the happiest situation, and you can just go ahead and use Add/Remove Programs feature under Control Panel (XP operating system) or Programs & Features (Vista & Windows 7) to manually remove it. There are ways to prevent this from happening. Make sure you install a reliable anti-virus program on your PC that includes 24 hour live real time system scanning, or one that’s reliable but requires frequent manual updates and scanning. Most top ranked real time scanning anti-virus programs generally cost a fee. There are however free alternatives that do a great job of detecting and removing spyware and malware. One good example is Combo Fix. This program can be downloaded for free. It does a great job of detecting and removing any spyware or malware. To make them effective you have to manually check for updates and manually enable scanning for malware. Other top commercial anti-virus programs general charge an one time license fee, then a yearly fee to renew the license.

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